Tuesday 7 March 2017

Keep Your Homes Safe With These Electrical Maintenance Tips

Fires that are caused by electrical damage is increasing in most residential properties. It is important that you are protected from not getting victimized by electrical fires by seeing to it that your electrical connection at home is well checked and maintained. There are important matters that you need to follow so that you will never be part of the increasing statistics. Choosing a good company that will check and maintain your electrical connection at home will keep you safe from getting serious injuries and whatnot.

With the more sophisticated technology that is essentially available for everyone to see and enjoy follows the increasing number of electrical appliances that are put to use. Thus, to ensure that no amount of electrical problems can ever occur, then the necessary checks in your electrical connection should be done by a trusted professional.

Is Your Home Electrically Healthy? Check Now!

Electricity is the main cause of accidental residential and commercial fires. Recent statistics revealed that each year about 70 people are killed and 350,000 people are seriously injured because of home-related electrical accidents.

In today’s modern living world, we are using more and more electrical appliances to make our living more and more convenient. For instance, just 15 years ago, the average homeowners in Sydney had one TV or radio, where it is more likely that there are at least two TVs, games console, 2-3 air conditioning units, computer and the list goes on… So, significantly, the risk of electrical accidents is also much higher than before. It’s always recommended to frequently inspect your home to analyse whether your home is electrically healthy or not.

How often do you have your electrical panel inspected? Twice in a year? Once in five year?  No…. just like your car, your electrical panel too require regular maintenance. It’s always better to catch an issue at an early stage and fix it. Get the latest updates in electrical maintenance when you click this link.

Never try to solve any electrical problems you find in your homes, let alone do regular maintenance without proper knowledge and skills on such. Doing so will only predispose you to getting hurt or putting your safety at risk. That is why, you need to always choose the best people to help you out so that you can get the right results that you are expecting to get. There are certain matters that you have to seriously consider so that you will be happy with the results that you will see.

Electrical Safety In The Home: Proper Use of Extension

Extension cords are common items found in many homes, so common in fact that they can easily be taken for granted and not be included in the usual homeowner’s electrical safety checklist. In fact, with continuous use under the wrong conditions, an extension cord can cause a potentially deadly electric shock or an electrical fire.

Here are a few tips for safely using extension cords in your home.

Electrical safety tips

  • Do not use extension cords as a substitute for permanent wiring.
  • Do not run cords through ceilings, under floors or in walls. If a cord is covered or is in an area of reduced airflow, heat can build up and cause an electrical fire.
  • Do not use a single extension cord for more than one appliance.
  • Do not attach cords to walls or floors with staples or nails, which may damage wires in the cord and in the walls.
  • Do not run cords across doorways or aisles where they may cause tripping and become damaged.
  • If a cord is being used in an area where there’s water or excessive heat, make sure you use one that is approved for those conditions.
  • To prevent potential overheating, ensure the cord is completely uncoiled.
  • Never use a cord that is damaged or feels hot.
  • Never remove the third ground prong to force a three-prong plug into a two-prong power outlet.
  • Unplug extension cords when not in use.
  • Never join two or more extension cords together.

Why joining extension cords together is dangerous

This is a little technical, but the basic explanation is the cords can experience a drop in voltage, which means the effectiveness of your home’s safety switches and circuit breakers can be reduced, and an overload can occur without warning. Check this site for further guidance in electrical management: http://ift.tt/2lVXtpn.

Make sure that you plan carefully the kind of company that you will be tapping for your electrical works. It is important that you choose the most reliable one so that you can be happy of the services that they are going to render. Further, collect as much knowledge as possible when it comes to electrical maintenance, so that you will be happy with the end result that you get to experience. These are just few of the factors that you must put into heart.

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